Conversion Rate Maximization

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Conversion Rate Maximization

How to Maximize Conversion Rate

Conversion rate maximization is a complex process that requires experience, expertise and business analysis skills. There are several optimization tools, but almost all of them of them are used to statistically validate the optimization experiments. There is not a single tool that could replace an experienced conversion optimization consultant. We have conducted many tests, which has helped us perfect our testing methodology to help clients improve their website conversion rates.

As part of our methodology, our CRO consultants will do the following:

  • Utilize several web analytic tools to discover actionable insights
  • Have a discussion with you in person and with your customers or lost leads to better understand why the desired actions were not taken
  • Analyze standard surveys and open text questions
  • Analyze your competition
  • Design and test conversion optimization hypothesis

Our optimization process consists of three major stages.

  • We gather web analytics data and use tools such as Google Analytics to collect and analyze user behavior on clients’ websites. We also use analytics tools to examine important data that can’t be collected using Google Analytics.
  • During this stage we analyze your business, website, main online competitors and the data collected on the first stage.
  • Based on the analysis and traffic values, we can determine which type of test to begin with (A/B or multivariate) and the elements of the web page to be tested.

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