What is SEO & How it works?

Search Engine Optimization or popularly known as SEO, the most important wing of Internet Marketing aims to improve the traffic volume via organic, natural or algorithmic procedures with researched keywords. Building websites is a must for today’s entrepreneurs and organizations, looking forward to earn more “leads” and reputation. For that, their websites have an important part to play. SEO is a service that is mainly utilized by the marketers to improve the search ranking of their websites in the top search engines dominating the markets today such as Google, Bing, AOL and Yahoo.

How does SEO works?

This is one of the most common FAQs these days. Search Engine Optimization is a procedure that campaigns for websites with an intention to have those excellently ranked in the search engines. It is the aim of all businesses to find their brands among the top searched lists. But because of the growth of aggressive marketing trends, an additional support is required for all websites to top the lists. This is the high time when a proper SEO service can do miracle for the site’s ranking. This can only be done by earning massive traffic and following to that they can expect excellent leads, finally stops to excellent sales. Profit is the ultimate Everest for any business owner.

“Search Engine Optimizers” as termed by Friedman in his famous book “The World is Flat” are no less aggressive than warlords to win Google; their monopolistic search engine that is simply a “verb” to most internet savvies of today. They are in a constant research to find ways out by crossing the jigsaw puzzles of the updated algorithms produced by Google to screen entry in its kingdom. But honest SEO practitioners always wear “white hat” as now there is no loophole left for the “black hat” SEO anymore. The credit goes to the Penguin and Panda- Google’s recent fighters (algorithms)!

If you ask that how the SEO is actually executed, then here you go!

    • Keyword Analysis: Understanding the trends and SERP, the keywords for any website optimization is finalized. SEO optimizers work on highlighting those keywords to increase the traffic volume for their clients’ websites.

    • .Link Building: Link Building point out the site and redirect the visitors to the website that the marketers are optimizing. Considering the quality and of course the quantity of the links, the websites increase their popularity in the search engines.

    • Content Optimization: This is the right arm of the complete optimization process. There is a saying that “Content is King”. It is true that soon after the Penguin and Panda updates, it is the content marketing process that is shouldering the major responsibility of the campaign. Only because of high quality and fresh content, visitors are attracted towards the website and that resulting to the increase of the traffic volumes without any doubt! Content Writers are playing the most important role in SEM, SEO and even SMO. Without quality content, Google is not allowing any website to survive the severe competition.

  • PPC: Though, Pay Per Click better known as PPC has become a separate and most promising entity of Search Engine Marketing, SEO guys do depend a lot on this effective campaign system to increase the numbers of visitors to their website.

To conclude, websites created smartly by amazing designers and partnered with SEO services can rock the search engines and survive any waft of the recent online marketing challenges including the sudden tsunami of any Google algorithm.

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