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SharePoint Development

SharePoint Development

Collaborate Business Activities with Microsoft SharePoint Development

For better business functions, it is important to keep employees and clients connected. Microsoft SharePoint development provides a cooperative platform for integrated file and document sharing for businesses.

A rather innovative invention was brought about by Microsoft in the year 2001, and today, it has become an integrated platform for sharing and evaluating documents through a single source. Microsoft SharePoint is a web application used by various small and large businesses to bring greater efficiency in their operations.

As a rapidly growing Microsoft SharePoint development company in Dubai, Excede Design offers a unified platform for businesses to share and manage documents and contents on the internet. With cloud computing storage and other functionalities, we help businesses manage their daily routine and activities with a convenient, consistent and stable document sharing platform.

SharePoint Development

Functions We Provide Through Microsoft SharePoint Development:

  • Intranet and extranet portals
  • Content management
  • Document management
  • Personal cloud service
  • Corporate search
  • Business intelligence
  • Workflow automation
  • Website and web content management

Benefits of SharePoint Development Services for Businesses:

  • Document sharing- Employees of an organization can easily share documents and files amongst themselves through a secured system. Share point helps convenient collaboration among groups and team members who are located across boundaries and help manage business operations effectively.
  • Product integration- Files and documents uploaded on share point servers can be edited, reviewed and modified using various Microsoft products such as OneNote, Access, PowerPoint, Word and more. A number of employees can upload a single file on the server, and multiple users can access the same and make changes to it.
  • Corporate work search- Enterprises can refine searches based on employees or specific files. A company has a large number of employees working, and share point development gives a systematic method of searching for employees and documents in a non-tedious manner.

Choose Excede Design For Significant SharePoint Development Services:

  • Essential Programming and Technical Skills– Our experts are proficient with an array of programming languages such as .NET, HTML, JavaScript, Jquery and more.
  • Understanding business processes– We, at Excede Design understand your business needs and provide a collaborative system for your business to enhance workforce and manage daily tasks.
  • Automated unit testing– The teams of Excede Design involves with continuous testing processes to re-factor codes for a sound and favorable SharePoint experience.
  • Assessing website basics– We provide a centralized platform for stakeholders with our brilliant website design services to build corporate intranet and extranet portals.
  • Custom solutions– Our designers and developers create effective share point platform and customize it to your business needs and requirements for greater efficiency.
  • Tap SharePoint benefits– By investing a lot of time, effort, and patience, we help businesses access all benefits of SharePoint systems through proficient coding and designing skills.
  • Project delivery– We respect our clients’ needs and demands, and deliver projects on-time, within budget and to specification.

For reliable process and system integration, Excede Design facilitates businesses with compelling SharePoint development services to improve workforce and regulate workflow systems. Manage your enterprise activities and goals with maximum productivity using Excede Design’s competent development and design services.


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