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Business owners have been targeting the internet to spread their influence globally. This has led to the emergence of WordPress development to build an effective CMS system for better management and use of websites.

Started in 2003 with a single bit code to encourage writing and typography, WordPress now, beyond doubt, has become a trendy open source blogging tool. It is licensed by GPLv2. An official successor of b2/cafelog, WordPress is written on PHP and MySQL. It is user friendly and the most powerful open source platform available today. Over a million bloggers and web site owners use this CMS (Content Management System) tool. The latest 3.5 version of WordPress, which supports retina-ready feature, has totally transformed the responsive web design platform. This specific feature helps mobile users to view brighter images on the web. The two versions of Wordpress available in the market now are:

WordPress CMS Development

Every business needs a unique, creative and easy-to-use platform for the effective promotion of its products and services. To help businesses target their markets conveniently, Excede Design provides specialized CMS development services through WordPress websites that are interactive yet responsive for online users. Our WordPress CMS developers based in Dubai help businesses around the world to efficiently market their services through integrated CMS website development strategies.

WordPress has evolved to being one of the most powerful tools for businesses to establish a stronger influence over online platforms. Through such benefits, Excede Design manages web content and user activity on WordPress websites for businesses that are looking to offer users an ingenious way of purchasing their products and services.

WordPress CMS Developers At Excede Design Offer:

  • CSS styling
  • MVC architecture
  • Template designs
  • WordPress setup and customization
  • WordPress framework
  • Integration (blog setups)
  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress updates, back-up, and troubleshooting
  • Plug-ins development
  • Arranging WordPress for an integrated CMS process
  • Responsive web design for mobile platforms
  • WordPress as an exceptional CMS development tool

Excede Design As a Specialist in CMS Website Development:

  • Customization: Our designers customize WordPress websites to reflect a favorable image for businesses. We employ the best practices to provide customized services through proficient design and content strategies.
  • Flexibility: Excede Design offers maximum flexibility when it comes to presenting content in creative and unique manners. Our developers design concise CMS systems to dictate the look and feel of business websites through regular updates for better content editing, management and creation services.
  • Clean SEO-friendly Code: Our teams of experts believe in keeping it clean, fast and simple when it comes to CMS development strategies. We develop potential CMS systems that are search engine user-friendly by creating validated codes to bring websites on the top of search results.
  • Running Tests: Excede Design is in the constant process of creating and running tests to judge and improve the functionality of WordPress websites. Running clear-cut tests helps us deliver competent and structured projects to all our global clients.
  • On-time and within budget: Time is of utmost concern, and we at Excede Design deliver projects on time to our clients. Our teams work with available resources and skills that are within the budget of our customers, to deliver ideal and functional WordPress websites.
  • Security services: We help businesses keep data secure on websites by offering comprehensive security features and services on WordPress, enabling non-technical users to efficiently manage and edit contents on the page.
  • Responsiveness: Excede Design builds and creates responsive websites to provide better manageability and usability for online users. Our teams of WordPress CMS developers make efforts into creating websites that are receptive to the needs and requirements of users through professional CMS development services.

WordPress development is a cost-effective way of promoting businesses at a global level. Through Excede Design, witness outstanding ways of marketing and promoting products and services with result-driven content management strategies. Excede Design provides proficient CMS development services in Dubai and elsewhere to help businesses establish a global presence in the online market.


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